21 December 2010

Inconstant Moon

"O swear not by the moon, th'inconstant moon
That monthly changes in her circled orb..."
~ Wm Shakespeare

lunar shortbread bikkies
baked for the eclipse party: lemon rosemary coconut shortbreads

This time, the inconstancy was in the fitfully cloudy sky—not the maligned moon, who held still as the shadow of the Earth slid a ruddy veil across her face.

A crisp wind blew across Trellis Bay, swinging the boat around this way and that, as we lay back on the trampolines and watched the slow dimming of the moon into darkness; then marvelled at the faint smudged glow as she re-emerged from the shadow of a hundred revolving sunrises and sunsets.

Orion and Canis Major, red Aldebaran and the bright twins Castor and Pollux pointed to her when the cloud cover grew too thick; when the darkness fell, we strained our eyes hoping to see some of the Ursid meteor shower opposite. In the background, the Last Resort's generator rumbled discontentedly; from the open galley hatch, the rich brown smells of freshly-made coffee and molten hot chocolate wafted towards us.

O, it was a night of wonders!

lunar eclipse night 2 lunar eclipse night 1

Click to see some truly beautiful photos from around the world on the NASAJPL Flickr community!

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