31 December 2010

Afternoon prep for the New Year's Eve five-course dégustation dinner

Between half-past two and half-past four, I have:

:: made the chocolate chilli velvet, put it in the freezer

:: done the espresso cream parfait, put that in the freezer too

:: strained the lobster stock I've had simmering all morning, divided it into two portions, reduced one portion with lemongrass, ginger and coconut milk for my espuma, reduced the other portion and finished it off as a classic bisque (hello wine, hello roux, hello crème fraîche, hello love...)

:: finished and put away (for cooking off later) 20 handmade ravioli filled with lobster head meat seasoned with ginger and shallots

:: whisked up the marinade for the hamachi fillet (shiro miso, rice wine, soy, hint of tahini, pickled ginger juice)

:: popped the pork belly in the oven (it has been curing in a dry marinade of garlic, coriander seed, cumin seed, sage, orange zest, sea salt and black pepper)

:: diced the butternut squash, chestnuts and celery to accompany the pork

:: finished off the tamarind balsamic glaze for the pork

:: washed up and cleaned the galley ready for the next round of prep

Still to do:

:: portion out the hamachi fillet

:: do the ruby grapefruit and mint salad for the hamachi

:: cook off the mougrabieh

:: defrost the prawns (shell-on)

:: make some sort of garnish for the dessert

I have been  b u s y !

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