11 January 2011

Charter Challenge #1 for 2011

The preference sheet I received for our upcoming charter reads, in part:
  • 1 x lactose-free diet
  • 2 x gluten-free diet
  • 1 x low-salt, low fat diet
  • 2 x seafood allergy (one of whom also does not eat pork)
  • 2 x allergy to the Capsicum family (so no bell peppers or chillies of any sort)
  • 1 x allergy to walnuts
  • 2 x no garlic
... out of a full group of eight.

The preference sheet is one of the charter chef's best friends. This invaluable document is the one sent out to all the clients, in which they tick off boxes and/or detail their likes and dislikes, preferred wines, spirits, mixers, preferred breakfast style, favourite flavours, any allergies etc.

When your crew receives this document, we follow it up by emailing and/or phoning you to confirm the information—we want to make sure that we stock up the boat with as many as your favourites as possible, and that we plan our menus to accommodate each group's particular idiosyncrasies. It's all about personalising the trip for you—we want you to enjoy yourself thoroughly!

We've had a remarkably easy run lately—both our NYE group (a charming Louisiana family) and our current guests (a lovely genial group from Buenos Aires) have been incredibly easy-going omnivores. So I suppose I've been about due for more of a challenge!

Although I've dealt with all of these specialised preferences in the past (and perversely—or so my friends tell me—have enjoyed the fun of having to be creative with the dishes) this will be the first time I deal with ALL of these on the one charter. This is going to be an interesting challenge for me—unless they are having chicken, every meal will have to be customised.

Time to switch on the charterbot's Ingenuity and Logistics panels...

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